Before the multitude of Iron Man armors seen from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, there was the original made inside the caves of Afghanistan using leftover scraps. It was bulky, clunky, and a far cry from its recent incarnations yet has this sense of mechanical elegance. Unfortunately, most toy companies didn’t see this and it took five years before a great and affordable figure of the armor was released. As part of reinventing the brand, Kaiyodo introduced the Sci-Fi Revoltech line aimed at producing figures coming from live action properties. And being one of the first Japanese companies to license IRON MAN, it was quite fitting for Kaiyodo to release Iron Man Mark 1 as part of the Sci-Fi Revoltech line. Revoltech figures are known for their crazy levels of poseability thanks to the abundance of revolver joints. However, Iron Man Mark 1 has a design that’s not really forgiving on poseability and articulation. Despite this, Kaiyodo has managed to inject enough movement that the figure can sometimes be more mobile than its on-screen counterpart. Its nature as a makeshift armor also provides opportunities for excellent paint and detail work. The armor plating have weld strips, markings and weathering that does a great job of conveying their Stark weaponry origins. At the same time, intricate attention to detail were given to the gears, wires, and all the clockwork that keeps this armor working. Iron Man Mark 1 doesn’t have much accessories aside from a pair of optional hands. It comes with a flamethrower effect part that can be attached to either arm. It would’ve been so much better if they included two instead. There’s also a removable missile that’s mounted via an opening panel on its left forearm. Overall, while there aren’t that many Iron Man Mark 1 figures, this one is easily one of the best available.