Ashley Wood’s World War Robot tells the story of a future where Terrans (humans remaining on Earth) are waging a war against the Martians (humans settling on Mars), with both sides using combat robots manufactured by the Rothchild Corporation. With interesting story and designs, threeA has taken the task of releasing these characters in the World War Robot and the smaller World War Robot Portable lines. Regardless of scale and size, these figures are highly regarded by many due to their excellent paint work and detail. Such is the case of the Bramble Mk2 that has a cylindrical but otherwise humanoid structure. A combination of ball joints for the head, shoulders and hips while hinges for the elbows and knees provide the basic articulation of the figure. But what stands out the most are its manipulators that have individually jointed fingers for expressive gestures and holding accessories. The set comes with a chaingun that can be held with both manipulators, and four holster bags that can be hooked to the torso. Despite the size, these bags have working plastic clips and can be filled inside for better display options.

In September 2011, alternative rock band Linkin Park held A Thousand Horizons, a unique charity art show dedicated to the victims of the Great Tōhoku Earthquake and Tsunami, as well as to commemorate the final leg of their A Thousand Suns tour. As tie-in to the said event, they have collaborated with Good Smile Company, the official Japanese distributor of threeA products, to release an exclusive A Thousand Horizons colorway of the Bramble Mk2. The colorway is mostly brown & yellow with Linkin Park logos and text placed at various parts of the figure, while still retaining the rugged and heavily weathered paint work that the line is known for.