#4001: IRON MAN 2 Movie Series | IRON MONGER



The Iron Monger appeared as the main villain in the first IRON MAN movie back in 2008. Though it was destroyed, that didn’t stop Hasbro from releasing a figure of the armor as part of the IRON MAN 2 line in 2010. Unlike the first iteration which was released in the 6″ scale, they decided to take a different route and have this figure in the 3.75″ scale instead. While this may be the case, the figure isn’t just a total down-scale of its larger variant. In fact, more details are placed in this iteration — highly mechanical sculptings are present in the arms and in contrast, the chest and the rest of the body are composed of smooth armor pieces. Of a particular note, the shoulder armor is held onto the rear by two piston-like pylons and aren’t attached to the shoulders themselves, giving a wider range of motion. Paint applications are also spot on which gives the figure a bare bones look as it should. It doesn’t come with any accessories but the figure compensates with its multiple points of articulation, allowing dynamic stances to be created at ease.



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