When Bandai introduced GaoGaiGar in the Super Robot Chogokin line, there were implied and eager anticipation for the eventual Genesic GaoGaiGar release. Three years later, these anticipations were fulfilled with Super Robot Chogokin Genesic GaoGaiGar as it appeared in the OVA The King of Braves GAOGAIGAR FINAL. GaoGaiGar and Genesic GaoGaiGar have design similarities that easily translated to their Super Robot Chogokin iterations, though the latter has subtle engineering changes that make it a better figure in comparison. And while both have the same range of movement, Genesic GaoGaiGar has more leeway. Instead of swapping replacement parts, Galeon’s mane slides inward to accommodate the arms when displaying with the Heaven and Hell attack. Each shoulder armor also has a panel that opens forward, also to accommodate forward arm rotation without rotating the shoulder armor itself and break the silhouette. The wings on Gadget Gao fold farther backwards and open up to reveal additional details. As far as accessories go, all of Genesic GaoGaiGar’s Gadget Tools are in this set. These include the Will Knife and the Bolting Driver, both have parts made from translucent green plastic. Also included are the Broken Bolt, Protect Bolt, and the Genesic Bolt, all translucent orange plastic and can be attached to the Bolting Driver when in use. Capping these off are the power batteries (i.e. hair) on Genesic GaoGaiGar which are also made of translucent orange plastic and connected via ball joints for dynamic display options. First edition copies of this release included bonus Heaven and Hell activated forearm parts.