Many regard The King of Braves GAOGAIGAR as one of the best super robot series today. As such, many companies have released various figures of the characters/machines from the aforementioned title. Surprisingly though, it took Bandai until 2011 before they did their own rendition of GaoGaiGar as part of the back then newly-launched Super Robot Chogokin line. This meant that GaoGaiGar is stripped of its transformation and combination features to focus on aesthetics and poseability, which they likely used to get feedback for their 2014 Soul of Chogokin release. GaoGaiGar has a substantial design that raised challenges on making the figure poseable while still maintaining stability without affecting its visual impact. To their credit, Bandai got around with these to create a GaoGaiGar figure that’s excellent in both areas. It has solid build quality and is quite hefty thanks to strategically placed die cast parts. Elbows and knees are double jointed, with the latter coupled with shifting knee armors to maintain a cohesive silhouette. Both leg units also have opening side panels that give room to wider ankle movements. Replacement parts for Galeon’s mane that have openings are even provided to give way to the large arm units. This is coupled with alternate clasped manipulators to replicate its signature Heaven and Hell attack which looks great altogether. Other accessories include the Dividing Driver, Protect Shade made from clear plastic, Broken Magnum effect parts that cover its right forearm unit, and an exposed Zonder core. To cover minute details, they’ve even included open thruster parts for Stealth Gao to go with the Heaven and Hell attack, totally unnecessary but very much appreciated.



This copy of Super Robot Chogokin GaoGaiGar has loose hip/leg assemblies. While mileage may vary on each figure, there have been multiple reports stemming from the same problem, possibly suggesting a wider occurrence of the issue.