In 2011, Tamashii Nations did a couple of figures from their ROBOT Damashii and S.H.Figuarts lines to tie-in with the release of the film DORAEMON: Nobita and the New Steel Troops —Winged Angels—. This included the titular character Doraemon which was, together with the robot Zanda Cross, were the only ROBOT Damashii releases that didn’t have a <Side> sub-designation. Because of its generally round silhouette and overall simple design, Bandai did some nifty tricks to produce a fully functional figure that’s on par with the rest of the line. Doraemon has super deformed (SD) proportions, but this didn’t hinder articulation thanks to clever joint placement. Its arm units extend to reveal elbow hinges that, coupled with forward swiveling shoulders, allows for a wide range of movement. Hidden joint assembles within its leg units also provide dynamic movement despite their stubby nature. What really sells this release though are the numerous accessories to replicate its wide range of expressions and the signature gadgets that appear on screen. These gadgets include the Take-copter, Anywhere Door, Small Light, a piece of dorayaki and a mouse. Because Doramon has no manipulators, as well as to maintain its smooth exterior, the figure utilizes several magnets that allow it to hold these gadgets. Unfortunately, no Tamashii Stage connector was included, which would look great when using the Take-copter.