The GN-U Dou line was Yamato’s response to the increasing popularity of high quality, but cost-effective collector-oriented figures based on mecha properties like Revoltechs and ROBOT Damashiis. To set it apart from the competition, and decrease production costs, each GN-U Dou figure utilizes a common internal frame where armor parts are attached to form the outer body. This somewhat provides a compromise between poseability and accuracy to the animation model, though more of the latter to be honest. Dancouga Nova hails from the 2007 series Juusou Kikou Dancouga Nova where the titular machine is the spiritual successor to Dancouga — which was released as a GN-U Dou figure earlier. Dancouga Nova uses the same frame type as Dancouga and thus, shares both positives and negatives of its poseability and construction. This means that armor parts still pop off, with the major offenders being the hip assembly, leg units and the large chest panels. Dancouga Nova still continues the low accessory count, including additional manipulators and its version of both the Dancou-Ken and Dancou-Ho. The latter is still attached to the rear of the machine, albeit a weak connection. Thanks to its tight hinges, the cannon unit has this tendency to be dismounted when deployed. Overall, there aren’t much Dancouga Nova figures available in the market, so those who wanted a representation may have to do with this release.