#3018: GN-U DOU | DANCOUGA God Bless The Machine


#3018: GN-U DOU | DANCOUGA God Bless The Machine


The GN-U Dou line was Yamato’s response to the increasing popularity of high quality, but cost-effective collector-oriented figures based on mecha properties like Revoltechs and ROBOT Damashiis. To set it apart from the competition, and decrease production costs, each GN-U Dou figure utilizes a common internal frame where armor parts are attached to form the outer body. This somewhat provides a compromise between poseability and accuracy to the animation model, though more of the latter to be honest. One the more recognizable releases in the line is Dancouga, its name subtitled with God Bless The Machine in the packaging for some reason. Being a smaller figure meant that Dancouga isn’t transformable, but compensates with play value — supposedly. As mentioned, each GN-U Dou figure uses the same poseable internal frame. However, the same can’t be said after the armor parts are attached. Take the hip assembly as example, both left and right skirt armors parts are molded as one piece that when attached to the internal frame, hinders the outward leg movement. And when pushed further, armor parts start popping off — another issue of the figure, and probably the whole line in general. Aside from additional manipulators, Dancouga only comes with a couple of accessories. First is the Dancou-Ken, its mandatory sword-of-justice weapon, which splits between the blade and hilt for ease of usage. Finally is the Dancou-Ho, a rear-mounted cannon that can be deployed overhead using multiple hinges.