The ARX-8 Laevatein replaces the Arbalest, after being destroyed, as the main protagonist unit in the Full Metal Panic! series of light novels. The design is popular enough that Bandai released it as part of their ROBOT Damashii line despite not yet appearing in the animated adaptations of the source material. Released two years after its predecessor, improvements in the figure engineering and construction were in place, including a more coherent paint scheme. And while the figure has multiple points of articulation, as expected from a 2011 release, what makes this set stand out is the sheer amount of accessories it comes with. Additional armor components for the shoulders and knees, two fully articulated chest-mounted extra manipulators, its Multi-Purpose Demoition Howitser, and effect parts for the cooling fibers coming out behind its head are included, apart from the usual melee and ranged weapons.