#1014: TRANSFORMERS Generations | ORION PAX


#1014: TRANSFORMERS Generations | ORION PAX


#1014: TRANSFORMERS Generations | ORION PAX#1014: TRANSFORMERS Generations | ORION PAX


Upon its return in 2013, Hasbro has made the TRANSFORMERS Generations line truly collector-oriented by producing figures outside the mainstream television and movie properties — the IDW comic books — as part of the brand’s Thrilling 30 celebration. With a deep selection of characters from the ongoing storylines, even the lesser known and obscure ones can now have plastic representations. That said, the initial wave still needed an Optimus Prime figure as before, but with a twist. In response to what appears to be the fatigue over the character, Hasbro opted to go with Orion Pax instead. Orion Pax still had the same design and transformation cues as his Prime counterpart though the figure obviously invokes a much younger persona. It is still a small Deluxe Class figure thanks to rising production costs but it doesn’t feel as cheap as the 2012 releases. The same can be said with its articulation and poseability as Orion Pax can hold a multitude of stances without any problems. For weapons and accessories. the set comes with the Ion Blaster that’s very reminiscent of what Optimus Prime uses later on, as well as an Energon Axe — often omitted in previous releases due to either gimmicks and/or budget constraints. As a bonus to all IDW-based releases, the figure comes bundled with a comic book with a story featuring none other than Orion Pax. Included is a copy of THE TRANSFORMERS: Spotlight that sports a Hasbro Exclusive Cover.