Last of Three Kits! MODEROID God Σ Gravion

One of the announcements that really got me excited earlier this year was Good Smile Company’s reveal of making all the machines from Gravion and Gravion Zwei in their MODEROID line of kits. Unlike Bandai Spirits who tends to drag out stuff like this, Good Smile Company wastes no time in opening solicitations for all kits from both series. And here we are with the last of the three Gravion kits, MODEROID God Σ Gravion.

Now, just to get this out of the way, we are not getting anything new with this kit, say for a couple of new weapons and additional parts for the ultimate combination. We are already getting the Gran Σ from the MODEROID Sol Σ Gravion set, and we are also getting the original Grandivas, albeit in new black colors, from the MODEROID God Gravion set. But if you want to combine everything to form Ultimate Gravion, which I’ll have a separate post on, then getting this kit is a no brainer.

As mentioned, we are getting new parts and accessories for this kit. Chief of these is the Graviton Lancer, which can be displayed as a combined weapon or as separate blades. It also comes with the oddly named “Super Heavy Sword of Censure” for use with Ultimate Gravion. And much like the previous two kits, it will include a non-transforming upper body of Gran Σ for stability and those dynamic poses.

If you’re really a completionist, you can order from the Good Smile Online Shop to get the Divine Sword Balmung as a bonus weapon, which was seen in the packaging illustration of the Gravion Zwei DVD box set. That said, this will be an unpainted piece so be ready to bust your paint brushes or masking tape, especially with that ornamented sword hilt.

MODEROID God Σ Gravion
February 2023 / ¥7,500
Order via HobbyLink Japan

And with solicitations of this kit now up, we finally have all kits needed to form Ultimate Gravion. I have a vague recollection of Ultimate Gravion from the anime but from what I see on Good Smile Company’s website, it looks like a bonkers combination, border lining clusterf*ck levels. We’ll just have to wait until all three kits have been released, though they did have a tease, which I’ll cover in the next post!


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