Second of Three Kits! MODEROID Sol Σ Gravion

Just a month after opening solicitations for the MODEROID God Gravion kit, Good Smile Company is back for the second of the three kits from Gravion and Gravion Zwei: MODEROID Sol Σ Gravion.

It might look different, but Sol Σ Gravion is very much an extensive retool of the God Gravion model kit so we should expect the same level of engineering and articulation. And regardless of being an extensive retool, this kit looks great based on these CG renders. Masami Obari, Gravion/Gravion Zwei original director still supervises the production of this kit, and the tooling still comes from God Brave Studio.

Similar to God Gravion, Sol Σ Gravion is comprised of four Sol Grandivas and Gran Σ as the core robot within. In addition, and this is new for this kit, the four Sol Grandivas can also combine by themselves to form a single flight unit, the G Gladius.

And as seen in Gravion Zwei we can combine the Sol Grandivas with Gran Kaiser to form the more powerful Sol Gravion. Similar to God Gravion, this kit will also come with replacement non-transforming parts for a more stable and better articulated combined form. Outside the forearm-mounted weapons, its arsenal includes two rear-mounted cannons, both of which are articulated, and the Super Heavy Sword which comes from the central chest plate.

Speaking of the Super Heavy Sword, you will remember in Gravion that God Gravion started using the weapon during the latter episodes. And when it does, a special faceplate appears and attaches to the head. This kit will also include new face parts to replicate this form as well.

Ever since they’ve announced God Gravion, I’ve committed myself to completing this set, and now that we have two kits in solicitation, we are getting closer to form Ultimate Gravion. Well, not really that close as Sol Σ Gravion is slated for an early 2023 release. But until then, we have these two kits to keep us busy, among other things.

MODEROID Sol Σ Gravion
January 2023 / ¥7,500
Order via HobbyLink Japan


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