BLOG: Box Art Extravaganza Achtzehn

Box Art Extravaganza Achtzehn With the upcoming release of non-Gunpla High Grade kits, Bandai is now placing descriptions of what the line is for, similar to the blurb seen on Real Grade boxes.

The “High Grade” model is Bandai’s most standard plastic model series. It is a product line that can be easily assembled while achieving astounding silhouettes and details.

The packaging layout does have lower borders similar to those of the HG 1/60 Full Metal Panic Invisible Victory kits although this collector would’ve preferred if they had the same HGUC style layout.

In any case, the head profile illustration here looks superb and and the same amount of detail hopefully gets carried on to the actual kit.

  • HG 1/144 Mazinger Z
    (Mazinger Z Infinity)

    Release Information: Aug. 2018 · ¥3,500

Box Art Extravaganza Achtzehn So here’s a confession. This collector did show interest on some Gundam Build Divers kits when they were initially announced, but haven’t really bought anything as that interest didn’t really translate to a need to purchase kits. Kinda shows that designs aren’t really that catchy.

That said, the HGBF Gundam 00 Sky also looks interesting with its fusion of design elements from both 00 and Destiny Gundams. Can’t really say if that would mean a purchase but that’s always a possibility.

  • HGBD Gundam 00 Sky
    Release Information: Aug. 2018 · ¥3,500

By the way, still hoping that this would eventually lead to a possible HGCE Destiny Gundam or something similar.


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