BLOG: Square Enix – "FRONT MISSION 1st" Wander Arts

Square Enix - "FRONT MISSION 1st" Wander Arts Square Enix is yet again expanding their figure offerings with the introduction of the Wonder Arts line. Not really sure where they took the name from but it would appear that this is going to be Square Enix’s mecha-focused line, akin to Tamashii Nations’ THE ROBOT SPIRITS and MegaHouse’s Variable Action lines.

The initial offerings will be the Zenith coming from the FRONT MISSION 1st games. It will come in both City Camouflage and Desert colors, both featuring interchangeable parts compatible with subsequent figures in the line. Articulation is still up in the air especially for bulky designs like these, but it should be similar to the Bring Arts or Play Arts Kai lines.

  • Wander Arts Zenith [City Camouflage] bu
    Release Information: Sept. 2018 · ¥8,800
  • Wander Arts Zenith [Desert]
    Release Information: Sept. 2018 · ¥8,800

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