BLOG: Space Battleship Tiramisu

The Spring 2018 season brings with it a couple of new mecha series, one of which is Space Battleship Tiramisu, an adaptation of the manga of the same name. And if that title doesn’t give a clue, it’s going to be a gag series with sci-fi and mecha twist.

Set in Space Age 0156, humanity is at war with the "People of Metus" and the key to victory lies with genius ace pilot Subaru Ichinose and his machine — Durandal. Sounds epic, especially with the promo video narrated by that guy doing Gundam THE ORIGIN. But continue watching the clip and hilarity would start to ensue.

It’s not often that a series of such kind gets shown so this one is a definite watch, all for the lolz. Space Battleship Tiramisu premieres on April 3, 2018 by Gonzo (yep, they’re not yet dead).


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