BLOG: MODEROID God Mars – Features / Articulation / Transformation

MODEROID God Mars - Features / Articulation / Transformation Good Smile Company’s Mecha Mono Blog has been updated with a post providing details on the second release in the MODEROID line — God Mars. Based on their previous blog entries, it will be a fully transformable and combining set comprised of six smaller machines… or is it? More on that later.

To the unfamiliar, God Mars is composed of Gaia, Sphinx, Uranus, Titan, Shin, and Ra. While God Mars is a non-scale kit, it will stand at 190 mm when fully combined — significantly taller than their initial offering, Mazinkaiser at 145 mm.

Color separation and accuracy outside the box is difficult to confirm as it’s unknown whether the sample used in the post is an unpainted kit or not. Regardless, it does look great. But the question is, being a fully transforming and combining kit, can it move?

MODEROID God Mars - Features / Articulation / Transformation Good Smile Company also has that covered by providing this very nifty articulation diagram for the combined God Mars and also says what kind of joint is used on specific parts.

Articulation for the main body consists of ball joints for the head and upper torso while the shoulders and hips are universal swivel and hinge joints. The arm units have bicep swivels and extendable elbow hinges that can give almost 90 degrees of movement.

The leg units, on the other hand, have thigh and knee swivels while the knees themselves are double jointed giving decent articulation. Finally, the ankles are a combination of a ball and a rocker joint which should help in wider stances.

So going back to the question earlier, is it a fully transforming kit?

MODEROID God Mars - Features / Articulation / Transformation Here’s a good crotch shot to help answer that question. Those familiar with God Mars should also know that its transformation involves the core robot, Gaia, taking up the internal mechanics of Sphinx which forms the main torso.

Based on said crotch shot, they took the liberty of omitting this part of the transformation to provide a more articulated combined form. That said, the set still contains parts to build Gaia and the rest of the "limb robots" should still be able to transform and combine as seen in the animation.

With these explained, the only question that remains is — What weapons and accessories does the set come with? No release information for MODEROID God Mars has been revealed as of yet.


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