BLOG: "Gundam X" Blu-ray Memorial Box Release

Gundam X Blu-ray Release Updates A little bit of old news, but the After War Gundam X Blu-ray Memorial Box went on sale last Friday and it came with a couple of interesting bonuses.

The box set came with a new manga entitled After War Gundam X NEXT PROLOGUE set sometime after the series and features slightly older versions of Garrod Ran and Tiffa Adil. It also came with an illustration of the GNR-0008C Gundam Nouvelle which is piloted by Carris Nautilus and is reminiscent of the Bertigo.

Also appearing in the manga is Gundam X 03, which is essentially the Gundam X in a slightly different color scheme. It will be getting an online exclusive Master Grade kit though no solicitations have been made.


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