BLOG: Bandai Hobby Online Shop Exclusive – HG Heavy Gundam

Bandai Hobby Online Shop Exclusive - HG Heavy Gundam Well played Bandai, totally getting the North American Local Type and Gundam FSD now.

This collector really likes how Bandai is able to crank out MSV suits out of the HG Gundam Local type mold, chief being the HG Gundam Marine type and now, the HG Heavy Gundam. The Heavy Gundam comes from the MS-X design variation series and is an attempt to improve on the original Full Armor Gundam design. Instead of adding armor and weapon units to an existing unit, the Heavy Gundam is built from the ground up with sturdier armor in mind.

In any case, this is one interesting kit. What’s more interesting though is what they’ll put out next based on this mold.

  • HG Heavy Gundam
    Release Information: May 2018 · ¥2,200
    Reservation via Premium Bandai

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