BLOG: "TRANSFORMERS GENERATIONS – Power of the Primes" Updates

"TRANSFORMERS GENERATIONS - Power of the Primes" Updates Still coming from Hasbro’s panel on Toy Fair 2018, they have also announced the next wave of Power of the Primes figures, including the Leader class Evolution Optimal Optimus.

Like Optimus Prime and Rodimus Prime before, the ‘Evolution’ component of this set comes from a smaller (possibly Voyager-sized) Optimus Primal figure that’s integrated into the Optimal Optimus transformation. This transformation should also include the other alternate modes that Optimal Optimus has if the previously leaked design plans would be referenced.

The wave should also include one of the last Combiners that have yet to receive a modern release — Predaking. Many have reported seeing Elita-1 in stores so the rest should be coming soon as well.


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