BLOG: Now There’s Your Problem… Darling!

Now There's Your Problem, Darling

When the negative and positive – male and female factors – combine and their hearts become one, the iron maiden will reveal her true form.

Probably one of the most hyped series for the Winter 2018 season is Studio Trigger and A-1 Pictures’ DARLING in the FRANXX. Recently caught the first two episodes and it has a lot of flower symbolism, almost on par with the religious ones from Evangelion though not as depressing.

The first episode doesn’t really give any context about the setting, nor what these “klaxosaurs” are. That said, it is a very interesting take on a mecha series which is a departure from the usual stuff seen from the likes of Gundam. Will definitely keep this in the weekly watch list.

Oh and many are already considering Zero Two as the ‘best girl‘ of the season. LOLZ.


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