BLOG: Good Smile Company – MODEROID Mazinkaiser Variations

MODEROID Mazinkaiser Variations Wasn’t really planning to get Good Smile Company’s MODEROID Mazinkaiser when it was announced even though it had the same design as the RIOBOT version simply because the Super Robot Chogokin has this collector covered.

But then they decided to release this a visual in the MODEROID special page showing two other Mazinkaiser-esque figures. Good Smile Company’s Mecha Mono Blog described them as the same as Mazinkaiser but with are more powerful, and subsequently dubbed them as "Devil Emperors".

As expected, they are making MODEROID model kits of these variants and the one they teased looks awesome! So much so that this collector is reconsidering getting the first MODEROID Mazinkaiser just to justify getting the other two if the aforementioned illustration is concerned.


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