BLOG: Good Smile Company – MODEROID Mazinkaiser

Good Smile Company - MODEROID Mazinkaiser Between Max Factory and Good Smile Company, two companies often associated with each other, the former was the first to release plastic model kits with the Combat Armors Max and PLAMAX lines to cover franchises not limited to mecha. It took them a while but it looks like Good Smile Company is set to produce their own through the new MODEROID line with the inaugural release being Mazinkaiser.

If this design looks familiar, it’s because this is the same design from T-REX used by Sen-Ti-Nel for their RIOBOT Mazinkaiser. This kit is smaller though at 14.5 cm, will utilize PS and ABS plastic, as well as some pre-painted parts and marking seals. Kinda makes this collector curious on what direction this line would go.

  • MODEROID Mazinkaiser
    Release Information: Apr. 2018 · ¥4,537
    Images via Mecha Mono Blog

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