TRANSFORMERS Power of the Primes - OPTIMUS PRIMAL / OPTIMAL OPTIMUS Earlier in the Prime Wars Trilogy, Hasbro let the fans decide who will be the next Prime — and it was Optimus Primal. So during HasCon last weekend, images for the gray prototypes were shown, as well as some design notes which gave a better idea on how they’ll do the Maximal leader.

This is just speculation but it seems that Optimus Primal can transform into its beast mode, then combine with a separate Optimal Optimus armor either as part of the core robot, or as the hover board in the latter’s beast mode. The same ‘evolution’ feature is present in the other other Primes revealed so far — Rodimus Prime and Optimus Prime with the latter including an Orion Pax figure.

Head on to the jump for more sneak peeks into the design process for this set.

TRANSFORMERS Power of the Primes - OPTIMUS PRIMAL / OPTIMAL OPTIMUS Seen here are the initial design sketches for both Optimus Prime and Optimus Primal. It also shows a colored look in the former’s beast mode, which is more or less accurate to how it originally looked in the series, which is consequently how he’d also look in the ongoing graphic novels. He’ll also has his two swords than can be stored at the back in beast mode.

Consistent with the gray prototype above, Optimus Primal appears to have a sizable backpack. It can only be assumed to be components that will be in use when combined with the Optimal Optimus armor.

TRANSFORMERS Power of the Primes - OPTIMUS PRIMAL / OPTIMAL OPTIMUS Now shown here are better renders of the Optimal Optimus armor. It appears to be a triple changer with the robot, beast, and vehicle modes taken into consideration. The original Optimal Optimus had a myriad of (forced) vehicle modes so it’s not entirely sure if all will be carried into this modern iteration of the character.

Glimpses of how Optimus Primal will be integrated into Optimal Optimus can be seen as well, and it looks like it will be mostly comprising of the backpack.


3 responses

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  2. Trevor Alan Jenkins

    1. How much will it cost.
    2. Optimal Optimus has 4 modes: Robot, Beast, Assault Tank and Jet; this version appears to only have
    3. So I’m not sure how this will work…

    2018.03.08 at 6:21 AM

  3. Well they are releasing it in the next wave. Let’s just hope it turns out to be like the Evolution Optimus Prime figure which was fun and not like the Evolution Rodimus Prime figure which was more of a mess.

    2018.03.10 at 1:04 PM

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