BLOG: Now There’s Your Problem… It’s Barely Animated

Now There's Your Problem... It's Barely Animated Sunrise has finally dropped the first episode of Mobile Suit Gundam Twilight AXIS via the Gundam.Info YouTube channel and at this point, the disappointment that each episode is only 3 minutes long has somewhat subsided.

A couple of glaring points for the first episode. Despite the short run time, the episode has minimal animation — even one of the promo clips had more. Not sure it’s an artistic choice or whatever, but those used to dynamic action in their Gundam might be disappointed. And second, just what the heck is happening here?

Just a reminder, only episode 1 will be available on YouTube as the rest will be exclusive to Gundam Fan Club. So yeah, looks like it’s up to the ‘methods network’ for this thing.


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