BLOG: Resuming the CATALOGUE Entries

As of the time of this post, the last CATALOGUE Entry made (and as seen at the lower left corner) is #4014: S.H.FIGUARTS | IRON MAN MARK 42. That was two years ago. This blog was envisioned primarily to be a venue to keep track of the collection and practice hobby photography, with news updates being secondary. While blog posts outside of news items (e.g. work-in-progress, introspects, post featurettes) are becoming more frequent, CATALOGUE Entries were left as they were two years ago. It also doesn’t help that the collection is a lot larger than it was back then, so fleshing these CATALOGUE Entries out faster would make things more manageable. So what happened?

There are definitely a variety of reasons, including work schedules personal priorities, and balancing between building kits and taking photos. But it all boils down to sheer procrastination and the menial excuse of hassles in setting up the light box. Okay what, balancing between building kits and taking photos? With almost 200 — yes **two-freaking-hundred** — kits in the backlog, there’s a sense of urgency to build as many kits as possible without compromising quality, at least to this collector’s standards. Was able to do this early last year at a rate of 1 kit per week thanks to a more lenient work schedule. Landing a new position during the latter half of last year meant adjusting to new schedules, which ultimately translated to more procrastination. Not to mention a couple of business and personal travels overseas.

Still no CATALOGUE Entry for Tamashii Nations’ new S.H.Figuarts Iron Man Mark 6 & Hall of Armor set.

What about “procrastination and the menial excuse of hassles in setting up the light box”? Can’t really explain the reason behind the procrastination apart from sheer laziness, but the other reason is different. These CATALOGUE Entries are shot within a light box that requires setup, which has to be kept at storage when not used due to the space it occupies. Not to mention the two clip on lights which makes the whole thing somewhat cumbersome. Now the next statements might sound like product promotion but this is a guarantee that they aren’t. Recently came across Orangemonkie’s Foldio2 portable light box and was immediately convinced that this will solve all the aforementioned setup hassles.

So yeah, nothing really dramatic or anything but just a direct explanation of what happened to the CATALOGUE Entries. The current entries are also being updated for better presentation, the #1000 TRANSFORMERS entries should reflect these updates. Here’s hoping that this momentum will continue the full realization of what this site is supposed to be… a Hobby Photography & Collection Index.


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