BLOG: Just what the heck is "THE ROBOT SPIRITS TRI"?

For the last number of years, Bandai has been slapping "Try" / "Tri" to pretty much anything. There’s the card game Gundam Try Age, then Gundam Build Fighters Try, heck there’s even Digimon Adventure tri — that last one’s a stretch but the same idea nonetheless. And so Bandai tries to do it again, this time to the long-running THE ROBOT SPIRITS / ROBOT Damashii line, which in all honesty has been stale nowadays. Outside of the Ver. A.N.I.M.E. and the Ka Signatures, there’s not much out there especially for non-Gundam designs. Looks like Tamashii Nations thought the same and in an attempt to revitalize the line, here’s THE ROBOT SPIRITS TRI. So what is it exactly?

Well apparently, the "TRI" here is an acronym for Trendy Reasonable Innovative. Basically, this new line aims to bring the same figure experience expected from a ROBOT Damashii release but with smaller parts count and simplified joint structure for ease in playability and collecting. The simplified engineering also meant that the cost of each figure should be less than the non-TRI releases. In this regard, they have selected relatively simple designs for the first two releases, both from Knight’s & Magic. They also have a couple from ID-0 on display last weekend but those aren’t in the current release plans unless otherwise stated. [via Tamashii Web]

  • ROBOT Damashii TRI <Side SK> Guair | Release Information: October 2017 · ¥4,000
  • ROBOT Damashii TRI <Side SK> Earlcumber | Release Information: October 2017 · ¥4,000

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