BLOG: 56th Shizuoka Hobby Show – RG Unicorn Gundam

56th Shizuoka Hobby Show - RG Unicorn Gundam The 56th Shizuoka Hobby Show is ongoing from May 11 to 14 at Twin Messe Shizouka and features spring and summer hobby merchandise displays from various manufacturers. [Official Website]

Time to address the elephant in the room as Bandai has a sample of the RG Unicorn Gundam on the show floor. What’s interesting that it’s also the next kit to be branded under the Gunpla Evolution Project banner. Under the project are three "Evolution Points" — Action, Build, and Color. Not really sure if each point will be represented by a single kit but it will be interesting if this Real Grade focuses on Build as everyone’s immediate concern is stability (RE: RG Zeta Gundam). Oh and Mega Size Unicorn Gundam [Destroy Mode] because the line’s not yet dead, apparently.


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