BLOG: Gundam Build _Extra Battle Project – Gunpla Announcements

Gundam Build _Extra Battle Project - Gunpla Announcements So a new Gundam Build _Extra Battle Project has been announced. Many are still disappointed with how Gundam Build Fighters Try ISLAND WARS turned out so here’s hoping that this one will be much better. Hopes and dreams aside, also revealed are two new kits. First is the HGBF 忍パルスガンダム (“Shinobi Pulse” Gundam according to Google). It is an extensive retool of the HGCE Force Impulse Gundam and appears to be in the same design lineage as the Sengoku Astray Gundam. Second is the HGBF China’gguy and it’s about time they stopped pushing out all those Fumina Hoshino-based kits.

  • HGBF 忍パルス ガンダム
    Release Information: July 2017 · ¥2,000
  • HGBF China’gguy
    Release Information: July 2017 · ¥2,200

Images via Bandai Hobby Site


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