BLOG: Today’s Robits – #TokyoSakura2017

Today's Robits - #TokyoSakura2017 This is Today’s Robits – posts that showcase CATALOGUE-related acquisitions for the entire duration of the covered period. In other words, it’s all about this month’s travel’s hobby loot.

So here’s batch two of the loot trifecta. The robit purchases made here were during the time this collector went to Japan primarily for catching the Cherry Blossom festivities, hence the hashtag in the title.

Now while kits and paint are readily accessible locally, tools and supplies are a different story. That’s why it’s always a great thing to stock up on supplies when going to Japan. Seen here are (2) large paint units, (3) packs of brass rods with varying diameters, a pack of pointed tip cotton swabs, several decal sheets, and clear lens replacement parts/seals. Also got a new Tamiya side cutter.

Today's Robits - #TokyoSakura2017 Off all the model kits and figures purchased during this trip, the primary objective was to get Bandai’s 1/144 AT-AT which was just released upon arriving in Japan.

As many may have known by now, there are limitations placed on Bandai when selling Star Wars model kits thanks to licensing restrictions. Outside of middle-man services, online hobby shops aren’t allowed to sell them internationally, which makes getting this kit more difficult.

Despite being the first Bandai Star Wars kit purchased by this collector, it’s assembly shouldn’t be different from Gunpla. What’s different is how the finish of the kit should be. Being used to clean builds, the AT-AT is best done with some form of weathering aside from the usual detail work.

  • 1/144 | AT-AT
Today's Robits - #TokyoSakura2017 Was finally able to go inside Gundam Front Tokyo after the promise of two years past. More on that on a separate post but going there also meant getting limited Gunpla. And with Gundam Front Tokyo already closed as of this post, kits purchased in the shop can be considered as rare nowadays. Such as the case for this HGUC RX-78-2 Gundam though outside of special marking seals and display base, it’s essentially the ‘Revive’ HGUC Gundam.

Also within the complex is “Gunpla Labo” (Lab?) section where visitors are given a clear color 1/144 RX-78-2 Gundam and materials to create an original box art, making the kit a one of its kind.

  • HGUC 1/144 | RX-78-2 GUNDAM GFT
  • 1/144 GFT | RX-78-2 GUNDAM (CLEAR COLOR VER.)
Today's Robits - #TokyoSakura2017 With Tamashii Nations releasing a bunch of Mazinger variants in the Super Robot Chogokin line, it is only logical to go back to the first releases and get them — which includes the Super Robot Chogokin Great Mazinger. Odd that they didn’t bother repackaging this figure similar to Mazinger Z. In any case, the only figure remaining to get is Shin Mazinger Z… and Grandizer… with the Spazer set.

The final item isn’t really a mecha, nor a robot. It’s more a samurai armor display thanks to my fascination with Iron Man armors. Won’t be attempting to explain its backstory so as to not ruin any Japanese history but it looks great on your desk… along with some Iron Man figures.


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