BLOG: Mobile Suit Gundam Twilight AXIS – HGUC Gundam AN-01 "Tristan"

Mobile Suit Gundam Twilight AXIS - HGUC Gundam AN-01 Tristan Mobile Suit Gundam Twilight AXIS is a currently running light novel from Sunrise’s Yatate Bunko imprint. It’s set after the events of Gundam Unicorn and revolves around two civilians participating in the investigation of the asteroid base Axis drifting outside the Earth Sphere. Now there have been rumors saying that it will get an anime adaptation following the broadcast run of IRON-BLOODED ORPHANS. Nothing’s confirmed as of yet, but what’s confirmed is that there will be Gunpla based on that story.

This is the HGUC Gundam AN-01 "Tristan" and from the get go, it looks like a mixture of various mobile suit designs. The extremities (i.e. arm and leg units) are quite the derivative from those of the Gundam NT-1 "Alex" then the main torso has similarities with that of the Nu Gundam. Heck, even the backpack unit resembles that of the Gundam Mk-II, especially with those beam saber racks.

Mobile Suit Gundam Twilight AXIS - HGUC Gundam AN-01 Tristan With all these design derivatives, is it possible for Bandai to just cut corners and retool any existing kit to produce this one? Practically speaking, yes. Here are a couple of examples.

The arms seem to feature the old style of elbow assembly utilizing a single piece covering a peg going from the shoulder assembly to the elbow polycap. It also looks like the shoulders are connected to the main torso via simple pegs, thus not having ‘butterfly’ joints. Lastly, the hips look like straight forward ball-peg joints with basic leg swivels. There’s not even an action base crotch port as the sample uses a U-shaped connector. Kind of disappointing if Bandai decides to go cheap with this release but yeah, it’s expected.

  • HGUC Gundam AN-01 Tristan
    Release Information: June 2017 · ¥1,500
    Images via Bandai Hobby Site

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