BLOG: Wonder Festival Winter 2017 – RIOBOT

Wonder Festival Winter 2017 - RIOBOT For the most part, Sen-Ti-Nel’s RIOBOT line has been geared towards the more ‘super robot’ end of the mecha genre spectrum with upcoming releases like Mazinkaiser so it’s good to know that they haven’t gone totally away with ‘real robots’ whenever they make announcements like these.

Similar to Max Factory, Sen-Ti-Nel is also doing their own take on a fully transformable 1/12 scale VR-052T M.O.S.P.E.A.D.A.. And knowing Sen-Ti-Nel, this will probably have more complicated engineering between the two.

Between this and the Figma, it is expected that the RIOBOT figure would be more expensive and will have a more premium feel. But given how Figma prices shoot up for these kinds of releases, it’s still early to tell which will be more affordable.

Wonder Festival Winter 2017 - RIOBOT Switching gears back to the more usual stuff, Sen-Ti-Nel has also announced a couple more upcoming RIOBOT releases from the Getter Robo franchise.

First is their spin on Shin Getter 1 from Shin Getter Robo which looks like more or less how everyone expects a RIOBOT Getter Robo figure would. The more interesting one is this Getter 1 from Getter Robo Devolution, a manga from the same duo who did Linebarrels of Iron and the ongoing ULTRAMAN serial.

This, along with their previously released Dino Getter 1, will be part of the CATALOGUE wishlist.


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