BLOG: Wonder Festival Winter 2017 – Figma (UPDATED)

Wonder Festival Winter 2017 - Figma Hours before Wonder Festival Winter 2017 starts, and possibly due to these also appearing at Toy Fair 2017 in New York, Max Factory has officially announced some of their upcoming Figma releases, one actually teased a while back while a couple were total surprises.

Aside from Samus Aran [Metroid Prime 3] which is an great release by itself, what caught this collector off guard were Atlas and P-Body from the Portal game series. NECA did their renditions of these characters but knowing NECA, chances are they will break out of the box, not to mention their dismal articulation (LED gimmicks aside).

Looks like both shows are off to a good start.

Wonder Festival Winter 2017 - Figma (UPDATED) Wonder Festival Winter 2017 has officially opened and Max Factory has several more reveals outside the earlier teasers they gave. Aside from Figma Tracer who’s totally off topic in this blog, they’ve also announced a couple of totally separate yet similar properties getting Figma figures.

No prototypes were on the show floor but here are posters for upcoming Motoslave and VR-052T Armor Cycle / Ride Armor + Riding Suit sets from Bubblegum Crisis and Genesis Climber Mospeada respectively. Both are essentially motorcycles transforming into powered suits for their riders.

Both figures are going to be produced with FREEing.


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