BLOG: Plastic Crack – Robot Taekwon V by Studio Nomake

Plastic Crack - Studio Nomake's Robot TaeKwon V This is Plastic Crack – posts, usually of video reviews, that continuously stimulate the collector passion through demonstration of a figure’s features. More importantly, these mainly comprise of items in the CATALOGUE wishlist.

Taekwon V is South Korea’s knockoff of Mazinger Z when super robots were the real deal. Eventually,it became its own thing and is now regarded as a Korean pop culture icon. This lead to the production of legitimate merchandise and figures, like this one. It is a Super Robot Chogokin-esque figure of Taekwon V from Studio Nomake and was released in 2015. Selling at roughly $80, it’s been long sold out thanks to the limited production run. This would’ve been perfect for the more niche aspect of the CATALOGUE. Click here for a quick unboxing and review.


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