BLOG: Omni Class 1/12 Iron Man Mark 44 "Hulkbuster" – Updates

With a release date slated for end of January 2017, Comicave Studios has released some updates on how their Omni Class 1/12 Iron Man Mark 44 “Hulkbuster” is going and how it will differentiate itself from the two similarly-scaled versions in the market (i.e. S.H.Figuarts and MAFEX).

Having reviewed their larger 1/35 Optimus Prime, this collector has a feel of how their Hulkbuster will take into shape. That said, this figure will be much more complicated thanks to the mechanics of the opening chest canopy and the numerous LED units.

An issue that their Optimus Prime figure had was the inconsistent tolerances of its ball joints. Hulkbuster might be a smaller figure but it’s probably as heavy as Optimus Prime, so it is important that these inconsistencies would be fixed.

Speaking of mechanical features, highlighted in red are the panels that shift and move to accommodate the opening chest canopy. It will feature an Iron Man Mark 45 bust complete with its own set of LED light up gimmicks. It is expected to use a total of 20 batteries — helmet x2, left arm x2, right arm x2, main body & Mark 43 x6, left leg x4, and right leg x4.

It’s also noticeable that the Hulkbuster helmet is connected to the main body via a double hinge that’s also on a sideways rail, giving the outer helmet side-to-side articulation.

For more information, head on to Comicave Studios’ website linked below.

  • Omni Class 1/12 Iron Man Mark 44 “Hulkbuster”
    Release Information: Jan. 2017 · $400
    Articla via Comicave Studios

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