BLOG: THE ROBOT SPIRITS Extreme Gundam Type Leos "All Phases Project"

"THE ROBOT SPIRITS Extreme Gundam Type Leos" Project Disclaimer: All items seen here were purchased within the span of four years and thus, this isn’t the monetary wastage it would seem.

Having both ROBOT Damashii Extreme Gundam Type-Leos and the option set allows forming the five modes of the aforementioned mobile suit via parts swapping. That said, this collector doesn’t find that process appealing. So he concocted this idea of getting two of the option sets and five of the base figure to have all five forms (or Phases) as individual figures.

Years pass and here they are. The process would be very straight forward and requires no modification. Although it has been mentioned that one can modify an Extreme Gundam head to reveal the hidden face on the back. Will try to look at that but at the moment, everything should be ready.


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