BLOG: Tamashii Nation 2016 – Key Takeaways

Tamashii Nation 2016 - Key Takeaways Was on a business trip during the time Tamashii Nation 2016 was on and as such, no related posts were made. So now here are the much delayed key takeaways from the said event.

Tamashii Nations is known to have figure prototypes of unconfirmed releases on display so its hard to figure which samples will be released unless there’s a release date/price stamped on them.

And there’s no stronger desire from this collector for a display sample to get an actual release than this guy over here. The Knight Gundam is perfect for the METAL ROBOT Damashii line thanks to its armored aesthetic and all. Not to mention that’s its an amazing design by itself.

  • METAL ROBOT Damashii
    Knight Gundam [Real Type]

    Release Information: TBD

Tamashii Nation 2016 - Key Takeaways Was initially thinking that this figure is going to be released alongside Super Robot Chogokin Mazin Emperor G since they’ll both appear in Super Robot Wars V. Guess Bandai wants to see if that figure will sell before doing this Super Robot Chogokin Mazinger ZERO release.

To those unfamiliar, Mazinger ZERO comes from Shin Mazinger ZERO manga where the titular machine is actually a very powerful state assumed by Mazinger Z. Most notable of these is the Jet Scrander transforming into a form resembling a slashed zero symbol.

Oh yeah, still need to get that SRC Shin Mazinger Z figure.

  • Super Robot Chogokin Mazinger ZERO
    Release Information: TBD

Images via Tamashii Web | Robot Figure Blog


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