BLOG: HGCE Strike Freedom Gundam – Box Art

HGCE Strike Freedom Gundam - Box Art Can only post this kind of stuff thanks to a business trip running for a couple of weeks. Yeah

Anyway, Bandai has released the box arts for their upcoming November kits which include the HGCE Strike Freedom Gundam and, as clearly seen, it is quite colorful.

Staring with the HG IBO Gundam Barbatos Lupus, Bandai has been placing English translations of the Japanese text on both the box and the construction manual, which is very much appreciated. Box art aside, they’re still not showing the DRAGOON bits deployed. It will be odd if they take that gimmick away from this new High Grade given the old one had it.

Kind of far fetched, but here’s hoping that they make the Destiny Impulse before releasing the inevitable Destiny Gundam.


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