TRANSFORMERS Legends LG-41 LEO PRIME In Takara Tomy’s grand tradition of repainting any lion-based Transformers mold into Lio Prime / Lio Convoy, the next release in their TRANSFORMERS Legends line is LG-41 Leo Prime, which is the repaint of Titans Return Alpha Trion and again uses Sentinel Prime’s Titan Master.

Being a direct repaint, Leo Prime retains all features and gimmicks of Alpha Trion, including its spaceship mode… just because. Also notable is that Alpha Trion’s center jewel is now painted with a Maximal symbol as homage to the spark crystals of the old Beast Wars figures.

  • TRANSFORMERS Legends LG-41 Leo Prime
    Release Information: Feb. 2017 · ¥5,000
    Images via Dengeki Hobby Web

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