BLOG: Gundam Build Fighters Amazing Ready – Lunagazer Gundam

Gundam Build Fighters Amazing Ready - Lunagazer Gundam Last time we saw Lady Kawaguchi at the end of Gundam Build Fighters Try, she was using an SD kit, the "Kurenai Musha" Red Warrior Amazing. That said, it was revealed prior that during her younger years (and as seen by Fumina Hoshino), she was using the Stargazer Gundam.

Come Gundam Build Fighters Amazing Ready, currently set around the same time as Gundam Build Fighters Try Island Wars, it’s revealed that she now uses the Lunagazer Gundam. Primarily based on the Hyaku Shiki, it still retains the key elements of the Stargazer, including the glowing strips and the Voiture Lumiere ring on its back, through the transformation of its rear binders.

The chances of this design getting a High Grade release is low, though it would be an guaranteed purchase for this collector.


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