BLOG: HGCE Aile Strike Gundam × HGBF Build Strike Gundam – Work in Progress #1

HGCE Aile Strike x HGBF Build Strike - Work in Progress #1 Earlier in 2016, there was a plan to build both the Denial and Cathedral Gundams simultaneously. And while both were eventually completed, they weren’t the simultaneous build as initially intended. Parallel builds soon followed but it wasn’t until today that two kits will actually be built at the same time.

The HGCE Aile Strike Gundam and HGBF Build Strike Gundam Full Package kits are essentially the same with subtle differences here and there, the bulk being on their backpacks. And while the Aile Striker has nice color separation, it’s not so much with the all-blue Build Booster.

At the moment, skipping the lower parts to get both backpacks completed first as they require the most paint applications. More on those in the next work-in-progress post.


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