BLOG: Box Art Extravaganza Elf

Box Art Extravaganza Elf Had to totally scrap that earlier box art-related post as high resolution versions have been uploaded sometime after. Stealing the spotlight is arguably one of the most anticipated Real Grades to come out recently.

Aside from the out-of-the-box color accurate ornamented parts (i.e. "sleeves" and "collar" parts) to which even the Master Grade didn’t have, sample displays of the RG Sinanju shows that this is a very glossy mobile suit and does away with the multiple tone colors that the line is known for. Now given that this mobile suit is mostly single colored, it will likely introduce visual inconsistency if the multiple tone approach was pursued.

Not really a fan of the design so this won’t be purchased by the hype behind this release is completely understandable. It is one of the most elegant-looking mobile suits out there.

  • RG Sinanju
    Release Information: Aug. 2016 · ¥3,800

Box Art Extravaganza Elf Looks like August is the month of red mobile suits as also released within the month is the HG IBO Gundam Astaroth Origin. Not really following what’s happening in Mobile Suit Gundam IRON-BLOODED ORPHANS STEEL MOON but it seems like they’ve already found the missing original parts of the Astaroth?

Not really a fan of the mobile suit design, nor the color scheme so this is a pass, though it does bring to mind another mobile suit from another side-story — Gundam Astraea Type F.

With the main IBO story line set to resume as the second season premieres, does this mean that there are only two kits that will come out of this side story? Compared to those of Gundam SEED/SEED DESTINY or Gundam 00, this is very few. But then again, most of the Gundam 00 ones came out after the second season ended so there might still be kits in the pipeline.

  • HG IBO Gundam Astaroth Origin
    Release Information: Aug. 2016 · ¥1,400
Box Art Extravaganza Elf Going from two red mobile suits to the opposite side of the spectrum with the very blue HGBF ZZ II, Minato Sakai’s machine as it will appear in Gundam Build Fighters Try ISLAND WARS.

He must really have a kick with the ZZ Gundam as his previous work, the Gundam Tryon 3, is also a derivative custom, albeit more direct. Though compared to that one and Super Fumina, the ZZ II is not much ‘out there’ in terms of custom Gunpla.

Similar to any Zeta-esque High Grade kit, the transformation for this one also requires some form of partsforming and with that, two copies of the kit will be purchased.

    Release Information: Aug. 2016 · ¥2,600

Images via @amiamihobbynews on Twitter


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