BLOG: TransArt Toys – BW-04 Optimal Optimus

TransArt Toys - BW-04 (Optimal Optimus) Seems like Optimal Optimus is the next third-party trend to come about as after PerfectEffect’s Beast Gorira reveal, TransArt Toys is also making their own version of the Maximal leader.

The main point of contention between these figures is the scale they’re going to work with. PerfectEffect is going with a Masterpiece-esque scale while TransArt Toys is going with a show-accurate scale, based on the Masterpiece figures. That’s sort of confusing but bear in mind that the Maximals & Predacons are much smaller than their Autobot & Decepticon counterparts. This also means that they will work better with the recent Generations/Classics Beast Wars figures.

Still no release information on this one but it’ll definitely be on this collector’s radar.


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