BLOG: HGBF Scramble Gundam – Colored Prototype Shots

HGBF Scramble Gundam - Colored Prototype Shots Going back to Gundam Build Fighters Try ISLAND WARS, here’s the Scramble Gundam. Not sure where it got its name but there are a few interesting aspects about this mobile suit, ergo model kit.

The design is a clear derivative of the Zeta Gundam and as past releases may have dictated, this could very well foreshadow an upcoming ‘Revive’ HGUC Zeta Gundam. That said, the transformation is, as expected, just a Gundam lying forward with knees bent in the wrong direction. Despite the good design, one glaring thing about this kit are the colors. And while the color layout is simple, orange doesn’t really work well for this collector. Getting this kit would automatically mean that a repaint is in the cards.

  • HGBF Scramble Gundam
    Release Information: Nov. 2016 · ¥1,600
    Images via Figsoku!

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