BLOG: PerfectEffect – PE-DX06 BEAST GORIRA (Optimal Optimus)

PerfectEffect - PE-DX06 Beast Gorira (Optimal Optimus) Following PE-DX05 Leonidas, their take on Beast Wars II Lio Convoy/Leo Prime, third-party group PerfectEffect goes back to the origial Beast Wars series and will be doing their take on Optimal Optimus as PE-DX06 Beast Gorira.

Leonidas is a Masterpiece-scaled figure and it’s safe to assume that Beast Gorira is one as well. Do take note though that while Beast Wars-era Transformers are smaller than their Generation 1 predecessors, Optimal Optimus is much more sizable due to the effects of Optimus Prime’s spark on Optimus Primal. Either that or it’s just scaled well to the recent Beast Wars releases in the Generations line.

More information will be released in mid-July during TFCON Chicago 2016.


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