BLOG: Super MiniPla 1/144 Xabungle – Transformation & Gimmicks Analysis

Super Minipla 1/144 Xabungle - Transformation & Gimmicks With the release of the Super MiniPla 1/144 Xabungle set, the Bandai Candy Staff Blog has been updated with a post containing details on how the transformation and other gimmicks work for this set.

[Straight Build]
This is how the set will look straight out of the box and sans marking seals. It also shows the two components, Bungle Rover and Bungle Skipper, as well as the parts needed to convert both into their flight modes and combine them into Xabungle. Then there’s the two walker machines, Trad11 Type & Gallop Type, and the weapon sets that can be attached to Xabungle.

While Super MiniPla kits still rely on marking seals to be color accurate, these are leagues ahead of the standard minipla releases that heavily rely on such seals. Not to mention the use of clear parts on the former.

Super Minipla 1/144 Xabungle - Transformation & Gimmicks [Xabungle Car]
With marking seals applied and both Bungle Rover & Bungle Skipper in their default modes, the two machines can be combined into a trailer like vehicle known as the Xabungle Car. Now it can’t be determined from these images if the wheels on these guys actually roll but they do a good job in forming a convincing land-based vehicle

Furthermore, Bungle Rover has hard points that can be used to mount the weapon packs of Xabungle. This will make the Xabungle Car a more terrifying vehicle than it was initially.

Super Minipla 1/144 Xabungle - Transformation & Gimmicks [Flight Modes]
As seen in the opening image, both Bungle Rover and Bungle Skipper come with extra parts that allow their combination into Xabungle. They also come with other parts for the conversion into their flight modes.

In the animation, the outer shell of Bungle Rover opens up to form its wings in flight mode and reveals what would be the lower half Xabungle. But that’s just anime magic so for this kit, the outer shell is removed and replaced by the wings and canopy.

Transforming the Bungle Skipper is much simpler and doesn’t actually require any extra parts. All that’s needed is to open up the top portion of the vehicle mode and become the wings, then the wheels are hinged to the bottom.

Super Minipla 1/144 Xabungle - Transformation & Gimmicks [Xabungle Transformation]
Combining both vehicles into Xabungle requires even more parts, hence the decision of this collector to get two sets. One for just Xabungle and isn’t meant to be split into its vehicle components, and the other for just the Bungle Rover/Skipper and not meant to be combined.

For Bungle Skipper, split the front section of the vehicle mode to reveal the arms, then attach an extra torso part which also contains the head unit. Bungle Rover requires more work and parts. First remove the canopy and wings, then open up the front hip armor and remove what would be the leg units with each using filler parts simulating collapsed thigh units. Replace these with the actual thighs and reattach the legs.

Once done, connect the upper and lower halves, attach the manipulators, and Xabungle is complete.

Super Minipla 1/144 Xabungle - Transformation & Gimmicks [Articulation and Visual Accuracy]
Despite accommodating a transformation feature via parts-swapping, the completed Xabungle kit is still very much poseable with points of articulation demonstrated here. That said, the kit doesn’t use polycaps for the joints and these are primarily maintained via plastic-on-plastic friction.

Marking seals are used mainly on the outer shell of the Bungle Rover and for the yellow and red highlights on Xabungle itself. Again for a Super MiniPla kit, this is almost High Grade Gunpla level of engineering and is quite impressive. Makes one wonder if Bandai Candy has collaborated with Bandai Hobby in anyway when this set was in the design phase. Overall, this is looking to be a very promising first release and definitely looking forward to building the kit personally.


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