BLOG: METAL ROBOT Damashii (Ka Signature) Ex-S Gundam

METAL ROBOT Damashii (Ka Signature) Ex-S Gundam When Tamashii Nations revealed the METAL ROBOT Damashii line, many were thrilled of the possible releases that could happen, only to be disappointed with its first figure (Hi-Nu Gundam) which was just released months prior. Not much was heard of the line since and many thought that it was already dead or something. Couple of years later, the line returns with a much more deserving figure worthy of all the metal content.

Presenting the Ex-S Gundam from the photonovel Gundam Sentinel. And if the metal content isn’t enough, the figure is also under the "Ka Signature" banner so expect glorious amounts of detail, not to mention decals. It also means that the Ex-S Gundam is automatically a Tamashii Web Shop Exclusive so expect hefty price tags when getting this figure.

UPDATE: It’s actually a regular release, so hooray!

  • METAL ROBOT Damashii (Ka Signature)
    Ex-S Gundam

    Release Information: Nov. 2016 · ¥16,500
    Image via @zsurusai on Weibo

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