BLOG: Figma Iron Man Mark 42/43

Figma Iron Man Mark 42/43 Good Smile Company is still in the Iron Man figure business as they revealed a couple of upcoming ones. They seem to be doing armors that have repaint potential like their Mark 7 and the online store exclusive Mark 21 "Midas". This time around, it’s the duo of reverse colored armors from Iron Man 3 and AVENGERS Age of UltronIron Man Mark 42/43. One noticeable change they did here are the use of disc-like elbow and shoulder joints that match the armor aesthetic more than the standard Figma joint used in the Mark 7/21 which can be distracting to the overall look. Other than this, both have the standard fare of accessories and repulsor effect parts

  • Figma Iron Man Mark 42
    Release Information: Dec. 2016 · ¥8,148
  • Figma Iron Man Mark 43
    Release Information: Dec. 2016 · ¥8,148

Article via Good Smile Company


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