BLOG: ROBOT Damashii <Side MS> Force Impulse Gundam

ROBOT Damashii <Side MS> Force Impulse Gundam While the ROBOT Damashii Destiny Impulse Gundam won’t be released until June, Tamashii Nations has revealed its logical follow up in September as the Force Impulse Gundam enters the figure line.

Chances are it won’t separate into three components like its Gunpla counterpart though it will be compensated with excellent detail, articulation, and accessories. For the latter, it will include an Excalibur anti-ship sword from the Sword Impulse configuration, and matching effect parts, to recreate that pivotal moment when Shinn Asuka defeated Kira Yamato in the Freedom Gundam. Won’t probably get it but a good figure nonetheless.

  • ROBOT Damashii <Side MS>
    Force Impulse Gundam

    Release Information: Sept. 2016 · ¥6,000
    Images via Tamashii Web

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