BLOG: Comicave Studios @ Jakarta Toys and Comics Fair 2016

Jakarta Toys And Comics Fair 2016 - Comicave Studios This past weekend was The Jakarta 12th Toys and Comics Fair 2016, the largest gathering of toy and figure enthusiasts across the Indonesia. Comicave Studios, in cooperation with Red Diorama, held a pre-event private lounge showcase event as a preview of what they have in store on the show floor.

While most (well technically, all) of their displays were mostly Iron Man stuff, they’re were still a sight to look at. This is especially true with the 1/4 mechanical die-cast Hulkbuster which is apparently on a world tour and has made a stop on Indonesia.

A couple of new figures as part of their Omni Class line were also there. These include the Iron Man Mark 33 "Silver Centurion" and the Iron Man Mark 39 "Starboost", with the latter making its debut in the said event.

Jakarta Toys And Comics Fair 2016 - Comicave Studios Speaking of Red Diorama, remember that scene in Iron Man 3 when Iron Man Mark 38 "Igor" charged to the scene by smashing onto a container?

Well those who got the 1/12 Igor figure at the event were also able to purchase this amazing diorama piece to match. The diorama on display at the pre-event showcase included explosion effects and while it wasn’t included in the retail version, the container itself is an amazing piece.

Comicave Studios also gave away prizes through lucky draws and photography contests featuring the figures they’ve brought out.


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