BLOG: Medicom Toy – MAFEX C-3PO + BB-8 [The Force Awakens]

MAFEX C-3PO & BB-8 [The Force Awakens] With their first MAFEX C-3PO + R2-D2 set slated for a May 2016 release, Medicom Toy made a slew of upcoming MAFEX figures for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. These include a plethora of now-familiar characters and to which C-3PO gets another shot of having a figure. This time, he has the red left arm that everyone’s a buzz but wasn’t really explained in the latest film. He’s also coupled with the new mascot droid of the franchise, BB-8.

This BB-8 figure utilizes magnets to keep its head unit fixed along its perfectly round body. It will also come with accessories seen in the movie, including the small ‘thumbs up’ torch.

  • MAFEX C-3PO + BB-8 [The Force Awakens]
    Release Information: July 2015 · ¥6,800
    Article via Medicom Toy

Still waiting for the S.H.Figurats versions.


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